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Yeast Biofuel

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Group Leader: Naseem A. Gaur, PhD

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Research Interests


Biofuels, Yeast metabolic engineering, Eukaryotic gene expression, Multidrug resistance

Description of Research

Current projects aim to develop a cost effective and viable lignocellulosic biofuels technology. A large part of the activity exploits synthetic biology and genetic engineering to explore new routes for synthesizing biofuels and other value added compounds. In this area, our laboratory is developing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains capable of utilizing C5 and C6 sugars and improving fermentation performances of the existing strains in presence of pretreatment inhibitors. S. cerevisiae strains expressing heterologous XR/XDH and XI pathways for xylose metabolism has been developed. We are also exploring Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP) and Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) strategies for cost effective production of value added compounds. Hunt for new isolates with inherent superior fermentation performances, stress tolerance and cellulases production capabilities is going on. New tools for direct genetic manipulations in the natural isolates are being developed. The laboratory is producing monocomponent recombinant cellulase for developing novel cocktails of enzymes to deconstruct lignocellulosic biomass in a cost effective manner. The laboratory is also interested in exploring the role of transporters in biofuels and other industrial applications.   

A second interest of the Group is in the field of Multi-drug resistance (MDR) research, with particular reference to fungal drug resistance. The laboratory is exploring role of epigenetic markers in the development of drug resistance. The Group also exploring the role of efflux pumps in drug resistance and elucidating the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional control with reference to MDR genes in Candida albiacns and Candida glabrata.  

Recent Publications

Dubey, R., Jakeer, S., Gaur, N.A. 2015. Screening of natural yeast isolates under the effects of stresses associated with second-generation biofuel production. J Biosci Bioeng pii: S1389-1723(15)00337-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiosc.2015.09.006 PubMed link

Pirzadah, T., Garg, S., Singh, J., Vyas, A., Kumar, M., Gaur, N., Bala, M., Rehman, R., Varma, A., Kumar, V., Kumar, M. 2014. Characterization of Actinomycetes and Trichoderma spp. for cellulase production utilizing crude substrates by response surface methodology. SpringerPlus 3, 622

Gaur, N.A., Hasek, J., Garvey Brickner, D., Qiu, H., Zhang, F., Wong, C.M., Malcova, I., Vasicova, P., Brickner, J.H., Hinnebusch, A. 2013. Vps Factors are Required for Efficient Transcription Elongation in Budding Yeast. Genetics 193, 829-851 PubMed link

Duina, A.A. 2013. New Roles for Old Characters: An Educational Primer for Use with “Vps Factors Are Required for Efficient Transcription Elongation in Budding Yeast” Genetics 194, 27–33

Qiu, H. Hu, C., Gaur, N.A., Hinnebusch, A.G. 2012. Pol II CTD kinases Bur1 and Kin28 promote Spt5 CTR-independent recruitment of Paf1 complex. EMBO J 15, 31(16):3494-505 PubMed link

Mousley, C.J., Yuan, P., Gaur, N.A., Trettin, K.D., Nile, A.H., Dewar, B., Deminoff, S., Herman, P.K., Hinnebusch, A.G., Macdonald, J.M., Bankaitis, V.A. 2012. A sterol binding protein integrates endosomal lipid metabolism with TOR signaling and nitrogen sensing. Cell 148, 702-715 PubMed link

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