Seminars Archive

25th April, 2008, 4 PM
HIV-1 Clade C: Pathogenesis & Vaccine development

Nagadenahalli B.Siddappa
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School

16th April, 2008, 4 PM
Small RNAs regulate stem cell function in Planaria: A model organism to study Stem Cell Biology

Dasarathi Palakodeti
University of Connecticut Health Centre, USA

18th April, 2008, 4 PM
Beyond Lysis: With complements

S. Balasubramanian
Department of Medical Biochemistry & Immunology
School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

24th March, 2008, 4 PM
mTOR/S6K1 Signaling: at the Crossroads of Cancer and Diabetes

Dr. Pawan Gulati
Department of Molecular Oncogenesis
Genome Research Institute,
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, USA

27th March, 2008, 4 PM
Challenging systems* in solution biomolecular NMR spectroscopy

Neel Sarovar Bhavesh
Zurich Institute of Molecular biology and Biophysics

22nd February, 2008, 9:45 AM
Structure Guided Drug Design

Ravi Chandra
Origene, Bangalore

13th February, 2008, 4 PM
DnaA mediated control and control of DnaA

Prof. Santanu Dasgupta
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University,
Biomedical Center, Uppsala, Sweden.

4th February, 2008, 12 PM
Role of HIV accessory proteins in virus replication & HIV pathogenesis

Ritu Gaur
NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, USA

24th January, 2008, 3 PM
Scientific workflow driven solutions for life sciences: The next frontier

Deepak Thakkar

25th January, 2008, 4 PM
Genome organization and transcriptional regulation in bacteria and eukarya: principles and insights from model systems (POSTPONED)

Sarath Chandra Janga
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Darwin College, University of Cambridge

30th January, 2008, 12 PM
Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte invasion: The functional role of the reticulocyte homology proteins, RH4 and RH5

Deepak Gaur
Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD,USA

18th January, 2008, 12 PM
Plasmodium circumsporozoite protein & liver schizont development: Exploring the host parasite interactions & its implications for vaccine and drug development.

Agam P. Singh
NYU School of Medicine

15th January, 2008, 12 PM
Mechanisms of G0 entry (Talk Abstract)

S. Velmurugan
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA

16th January, 2008, 4 PM
Binding of IgM to P. falciparum variant surface antigen PfEMP-1

Ashfaq Ghumra
University of Nottingham, UK

2nd January, 2008, 3 PM
Escherichia coli genome revisited: A systems biology approach for adaptive evolution and other applications

Anu Raghunathan
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, USA

18th December, 2007, 12 PM
A search for locus producing RNAi through a high-throughput analysis of heterochromatin transcription

Quesneville Hadi
URGI, INRA unit 1164
Versailles. France

26th November, 2007, 4 PM
Structural Studies of Protein Synthesis and the Termination of Translation (abstract of the seminar)

Sabine Petry
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Cambridge UK

28th November, 2007, 4 PM
Influencing factors on Shaking technology

Dr. Tibor Anderlei
(Ph D in Shaking Technology, Germany)
Kuhner AG, Switzerland,

21st November, 2007, 12 noon
Computational Materials Science using Accelrys Materials Studio

S.Venkat Raman, Ph.D
Solutions Scientist
Accelrys KK- India

19th November, 2007, 4 PM
Direct and functional interaction between PIWI &heterochromatin proteins in Drosophila

Utpal Bhadra
CCMB, India

16th November 2007, 4 pm
Top Down Analysis of Intact Proteins

Marcus Macht,
Director, European Applications,
Bruker Daltonics, Bremen, Germany.

2nd November, 2007, 4 PM
The functional Genome of the metabolic pathway: the Polyaminome

S. C. Minocha
Plant Biology and Genetics,
University of New Hamphire

9th October, 2007, 4 PM
Protein Trafficking to the Apicoplast: the Toxoplasma model

Marilyn Parson
Seattle Biomedical Research Institute,
Seattle, WA, USA

1st October, 2007, 3 PM
An Anopheles Immunomodulatory peroxidase determines Plasmodium Susceptibility

Sanjeev Kumar
Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research

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