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ICGEB currently counts 41 Affiliated Centres across its Member States.

Affiliated Centre status was conferred, through the ICGEB Board of Governors, to established research institutes in Member States which attained, or had the potential for, high standard research.

These have served as a network also to host many of the Centre's training activities and services to local institutions. The Collaborative Research Programme (CRP) - ICGEB Research Grants has been established to stimulate collaborative research between ICGEB and the network of Affiliated Centres and to develop new research programmes of specific interest to participating countries. Under ICGEB's five year programme, the annual expenditure of the Centre for collaborative research programmes amounts to over US$1 million.

Additionally, Meetings and Courses held in ICGEB Member States have often taken place at designated ICGEB Affiliated Centres as hubs for ICGEB's short-term training activities.

Currently, the ICGEB is promoting a new model as approved at the 2016 Board of Governors session: inviting proposals for ICGEB Regional Research Centres (RRCs). These are envisaged to serve as broad regional hubs constituting institutes, or parts of existing institutes, organised as centres that serve the ICGEB mission in Member States. RRCs would act as hubs for research at the regional level and perform activities of specific interest to a given geographical area.

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